How to find the correct voltage for your commercial laundry parts?

One of the most important things for all self-service laundry owners and technicians is getting knows what voltage your part is using. Different voltages have different part numbers. All laundry parts retailers sell their products primarily based on the part number provided by the laundry parts buyers. Getting an incorrect voltage can have a dramatic cost on your commercial laundry parts purchasing. Same relays often tend to have different prices for different voltages.


For instance, the list price for 220V Wascomat part number 510109 relay will only be $ 29.36. However, the list price for 120V Wascomat Part number 511310 is $63.96. Any kind of exchange will also cause a headache for a laundry parts buyer. Laundry parts buyers will need to spend extra time to negotiate with parts sellers. Buyers may also need to pay for the difference and shipping cost involved in doing exchange. All in one, it is very important for all laundry parts buyers to have a clear idea about what voltage their part uses.




Normally, voltage is split into two categories. Numbers under the same category is same to laundry parts buyers. If you tell laundry parts seller that you need 120V relay and they give you 120V relay, both of you are correct.

  • 110V, 120V and 115V
  • 220V, 240V and 235V


Most of time, coin-operated Laundromat owners often believe the voltage number shows behind the machines is the one they need. Unfortunately, that is mistake.


One way to locate your voltage is by looking at your old parts. Normally, all electronic items will have their voltage indicated on the parts. If you lost your old parts or the number is hardly to see, then you can try the second method.


The second way to locate your voltage is to determine what voltage your other parts are using. If the following four parts use same voltage, then your other parts must use the same voltage as those four uses. The four parts are water valve, relay, timer, computer board. By determine the voltage of those four parts; laundry parts buyer should be able to locate your voltage.


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