For replacement of 9539-478-001 rectangular Sinpac solid state switch with 9539-478-002 round Sinpac switch on 1 phase 25 and 40 pound commercial washers.
Kit includes:

(1) 8507-238-001 Instruction
(1) 9539-478-002 Sinpac Switch
(1) 9029-062-001 Mounting Bracket
(1) 9545-010-001 Screw-Pan Head Cross Recessed, 8-32 x 3/4″
(1) 8640-412-005 Nut- Keps, 8-32
(3) 9545-031-003 Screw -Hex Head Slotted, #6B x3/8 ”

To Replace Switch:
1.Be sure the machine is not connected to electrical power.
2. Remove the (4) screws holding the dispenser to the top. Unlock and open (or remove) the top
3. Locate the black rectangular switch mounted on the right side of the control trough (right front of machine). Make note of the wires connected to each terminal, 1 through 4. Remove the (4) wires and remove the Sinpac Switch.
4. Set the bracket supplied with this kit on a flat surface with the mounting feet down. set the round Sinpac switch in the bracket and tighten c Clamp using the 8-32 screw and nut supplied.
5. There are holes in the bottom of the trough near where the rectangular switch was mounted. Newer model control troughs will have a hole pattern which will fit the bracket. ( Note: You may have to rotate the racket to get all (3) holes to line up. ) On older models use (1) of the existing holes and drill the other (2) holes using a #34 drill bit.
6. Secure the bracket and switch with the (3) #6B screws supplied.
7. Re-Connect wires previously disconnected in step 3 to terminals 1 through 4
8. Close or replace top.
9. Replace the (4) screws holding the dispenser to the top. Lock top.
10. Re-Connect to power.