As a laundry owner, it is important that you know the function of each parts. So you can have an idea what to replace when the machine is in malfunction. Let us begin.

Thermistor: made from compounds of certain types of metals, called transition metals, including manganese and copper, and can be made in a variety of shapes to best fit the needs of the situation.  It monitors the air temperature in the dryer.  The example will be part number 130117 in American Dryer and Part number M414704 in Huebsch, Speed Queen Dryer.

In Dryer Circuits, it connects to a control board. The board reads the resistance levels of the thermistor to determine the temperature of the air  into the dryer. The board uses the date collected from thermistor to determine when to stop sending the power to heating element.

Symptoms of a bad dryer thermistor include air in the dryer that won’t heat up.